Blue Hills Child and Family Centre
The York Centre for Children, Youth and Families


Both I and the Boards of Directors of Blue Hills Child and Family Centre and The York Centre for Children, Youth and Families are very pleased to announce that our organizations have amalgamated. As of November 1st, we are all very proud to be moving forward as York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families.

York Hills Centre provides a spectrum of high quality services to children and youth ages 0- 18 years and their families. Our assessment and treatment services include a range of dedicated professional staff that are delivering individual, family and group counselling, community and in-school clinical supports, residential services, day treatment services, alternative dispute resolution, family mediation, etc.

As a newly merged organization we look forward to more efficiently and effectively delivering a broader continuum of treatment and assessment services. Please feel free to contact us at either 905-773-4323 ext. 0 or at 905-737-8927 ext. 0 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Dean Rokos
Executive Director
York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families

Volunteer Work

At The York Centre we enhance the services provided by professional staff with volunteer contact for our clients. Volunteer assignments have included the following:

  • working 1:1 with a child in various activities
  • following a planned speech therapy program
  • teaching two children game skills and helping them to develop peer relationships
  • assisting with Parent Support or Child Peer Groups
  • acting as a 'Special Friend' to a youth in the community
  • participating as a member of the Parent's Association raising funds for special projects
  • working with children as a tutor in the classroom in preparation for integration to school

Volunteers become 'someone special' for the clients with whom they connect.

Volunteers are trained in their role, encouraged and supported by staff and bring their own skills to their activities with clients. They become part of the treatment team and are included in the conferencing system meetings.

Some activities, not directly for clients, that volunteers contribute to are: fund-raising, office work and participation in agency surveys.

The role for volunteers at The Centre continues to grow.

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Board of Directors

For further information please Durga Nalajala or Dean Rokos.