Values and Beliefs of the York Centre

  • Service Excellence Clients have the right to services that reflect best practices and are readily accessible, responsive, effective and accountable.
  • Respect We strive for equity, inclusivity and diversity in all our services and practices.
  • Partnership We believe that The York Centre services should be provided within the context of a collaborative partnership with the client/family and community resources to ensure the greatest benefit to the mental health and resiliency of children, youth and families.
  • Acceptance We strive to eliminate stigma by increasing awareness of mental health issues through knowledge, openness and transparency.
  • Collaboration We believe that a wide spectrum of children's mental health services must be provided in York Region. We value input from the community regarding needs for service. We believe that available reosurces are utilized most equitably and efficiently by partnering and planning with other service providers.
  • Shared Responsibility We believe that families/caregivers, service providers, health care providers, educators, communities and governments all share in the responsibility for children's mental health.
  • Caring and Dedication We value the dedication and care demonstrated by our staff and volunteers and celebrate their excellence and commitment to The York Centre.