Best Practrices in Transitions

Using the information and feedback gathered from the First Annual York Region Day Treatment Conference, the Transitions Committee for Day Treatment Services of York Region (a sub-committee of the Centralized Intake for Day Treatment Committee) has contributed to the drafting of this document. It is intended to inform day treatment service providers, school officials, teachers, parents, students, etc. on the strategies for transitioning students into a Day Treatment classroom and from a Day Treatment classroom back into the school system.

This document is a compilation of “expert in the field” suggestions from many of the staff and management that are responsible for providing day treatment services to many of the youth across York Region. Please take the time to read the document and feel free to respond by including your comments, impressions and suggestions.

This document is in draft form and is intended as a starting point to the creation of a final “best practices” model for transitioning students from day treatment to school. It’s important to note that at this time the document is incomplete as it does not YET include the expert feedback of our consumers (focus groups are to be planned over the coming months).

Please respond to Dean Rokos.