Community Group Services

The York Centre provides group services, workshops, and seminars in the community. Groups can be offered either directly to the community or through another community organisation such as a local school.

The York Centre's Community Outreach Service works directly with children and youth between the ages of 5 to 18 to promote mental health and reduce violence within the community. We work in conjunction with COMPASS initiatives to provide community group services to their schools. This team provides group services, workshops and seminars. One of their areas of specialization has been with the delivery of Anti-Bullying, Bully Proofing, Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety groups within numerous schools across York Region. The bullying program has been designed to reduce the incidents of bullying/cyber bullying and to assist children/youth with managing situations in which they are victims of bullying. Other areas of specializaton include Taking Charge Of Me groups, designed to help children or youth deal with effectively managing their frustration.

The following describes the types of Community Group Services offered by the York Centre.

Be Cybersmart

Making A Difference

Taking Charge of Me (An Anger Management Skills Program)

Building A More Confident Me

How to access the Community Outreach Team

Triple P: Positive Parenting Programs